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Take Advantage of Phone Attraction


Take Advantage of Phone Attraction

Phone Love is the Key

Have you designed your site for the phone yet?  If not, you are so behind the power curve. There are certain behaviors that all website and mobile visitors exhibit.

Here are the fact:

The average mobile phone user checks their device 150 times a day1, and a recent study cited2 .

Many have feelings of depression, panic and helplessness if their phones are lost or stolen.  So many of us simply cannot live without out phones.

Research carried out by Salesforce for its “2014 Mobile Behavior Report2” (PDF) indicates that the average mobile user checks their phone over 1,500 times a week and uses their device for 3 hours 16 minutes every day. Their main tasks, in order of occurrence, are:iphone6

  1. accessing email (91%),
  2. text messaging (90%),
  3. searching the internet (76%),
  4. social networking (75%),
  5. while watching TV (70%),
  6. keeping up to date with the news (62%),
  7. playing games (57%),
  8. listening to music (46%),
  9. reading (43%),
  10. watching videos (30%),
  11. getting directions (24%).

Why are we telling you all of this.  Easy.  If you are not there now, we can help get you there and keep you there.  You cannot get caught up if you never start.  Let us help get you noticed.

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